Chrome University - Summer 2018

Chrome University is an event hosted by volunteers on the chrome team to get contributors up to speed. We try to host it twice a year, usually around Q1 and Q3.

It is designed as a broad introduction to the most important/useful aspects of developing a browser and OS. It is beneficial to long-time chromies as well as new folks joining the team. It is an opportunity to refresh your knowledge, learn something new and/or teach something to someone.

We know a good percentage of our community of contributors are non-googlers, so little by little we are trying to make it more inclusive.

We started recording some of the videos and making them available online (with the permission of the presenters and the chrome team). Long term, we'd like to make all/most of the content available online, but for now, these are the ones that we managed to record and publish.

This is the schedule and the videos of the 2018 Summer edition.

Day 1

Time Browser OS
09:00am Registration
10:00am Opening Remarks (5 mins)
10:05am Chrome Overview (45 mins)
10:45am The Anatomy Of The Web (45 mins) ChromeOS 101 and Platforms 101 (45 mins)
11:45am Lunch (45 mins)
12:30pm The Anatomy of a Browser (45 mins) ChromeOS ARC++ (45 mins)
01:15pm Life of a Navigation (30 mins) ChromeOS Input 101 (30 mins)
02:00pm Break (15 mins)
02:15pm Life of a Pixel (45 mins) ChromeOS HW Backed Security 101 (30 mins)
02:45pm ChromeOS Virtual Machines 101 (30 mins)
03:00pm Life of a Feature (45 mins)
03:15pm ChromeOS Power Management 101 (30 mins)
03:45pm Break (15 mins)
04:00pm The Early History of Chrome (45 mins)

Day 2

Time Browser OS
09:00am Life of a Process (30 mins) ChromeOS Graphics 101 (30 mins)
09:30am Security 101 (30 mins) ChromeOS Sound 101 (30 mins)
10:00am Life of a Script (30 mins) ChromeOS Firmware And Verified Boot 101 (30 mins)
10:30am Break (15 mins)
10:45pm Mobile 101 (iOS, Android) (30 mins) ChromeOS Build System 101 (30 mins)
11:15pm Desktop 101 (Windows, Mac) (30 mins) ChromeOS Memory Management 201 (30 mins)
12:00pm Lunch (45 mins)
12:45pm Fuzzing 101 (30 mins) Metrics 101 (30 mins)
01:15pm Testing 101 (30 mins) Support 101 (30 mins)
01:45pm Networking 101 (30 mins) Emerging Markets 101 (30 mins)
02:15pm Break (15 mins)
02:30pm Path to Chrome Storage 101 (30 mins)
03:00pm Marketing 101 (30 mins)
03:15pm Break (15 mins)
03:30pm Closing Remarks (5 mins)