Indie Research

I recently ran into the term victorian gentlement scientist while reading about John and immediately thought "wow, that's what I want to do when i grow up!": to be a gentlement scientist (unfortunately, I think I missed the boat on the victorian part).

A couple days later, I ran into Nadia's formulation and her experience with her PhD. I wrote about Nadia's work in the past, so was super excited when I found how she thinks about her work.

It is great when you find a name that describes a concept that you are excited about: makes articulating easier and gives you validation that you are not alone.

It is even cooler when you learn that a lot of the people that you admire subscribe to the term.

I feel like a lot of what I'm interested in fits this class of inquiries. Here are a few investigations that make me feel a bit like a victorian gentlement scientist, in reverse chronological order of inquiry:

Do you identify as a gentlement scientist too? If so, lets hang out!