Chrome University - Summer 2020

Chrome University is an event hosted by volunteers on the chrome team to get contributors up to speed. We try to host it twice a year, usually around Q1 and Q3.

It is designed as a broad introduction to the most important/useful aspects of developing a browser and OS. It is beneficial to long-time chromies as well as new folks joining the team. It is an opportunity to refresh your knowledge, learn something new and/or teach something to someone.

We know a good percentage of our community of contributors are non-googlers, so little by little we are trying to make it more inclusive.

We started recording some of the videos and making them available online (with the permission of the presenters and the chrome team). Long term, we'd like to make all/most of the content available online, but for now, these are the ones that we managed to record and publish.

This is the schedule and the videos of the 2020 Summer edition.

You can find past editions here.

Day 1

Time Talk
12:30pm Opening Remarks (5 mins)
12h35pm Chrome Overview (45 mins)
Vision and strategy, org overview, core principles (4S) and values, history, diversity/inclusion, tips to be successful in Chrome.
01:30pm Break (15 mins)
01h45pm Life of a Pixel
A tour of the internals of Chrome's rendering architecture, tracing the steps in the pipeline from web content to displayed pixels. Concretizes high-level concepts with pointers to important classes and data structures in the codebase
02h30pm Anatomy of a Browser
Overview of architecture of Chrome, including the process model, layering of components, and the directory structure.
03:15pm Break (15 mins)
03h30pm Early History of Chrome
04:30pm Closing Remarks (5 mins)

Day 2

Time Talk
12:30pm Opening Remarks (5 mins)
12h35pm Life of a Commit
How Chrome Browser keeps the tree green. The basic git workflow, code review, pre-submit testing, etc.
01h05pm C++ As A Second Language
A tour of C++ for experienced/advanced programmers coming from other languages (C/Java/JS/Python/Go/VHDL/etc). C++11 features. Free functions, Include & linkage, Destructors & scope, RAII, Pass-by-value / -reference, The standard library, Smart pointers, Raw pointers, Templates
01h35pm Break (15 mins)
01h50pm Clank
02h20pm Social Event
03h20pm Break (15 mins)
03h35pm History of the Web
From inception, ancient, modern to contemporary history of the Web.
04h30pm Closing Remarks (5 mins)

Day 3

Time Talk
12:30pm Opening Remarks (5 mins)
12h35pm Input 101
Overview of the input stack on Chromebooks: hardware, firmware, gesture detection, and more.
01h05pm Web Platform Feature Control and Ecosystem Infra
01h35pm Break (15 mins)
01h50pm Chrome Privacy Sandbox
02h20pm Life of a Vulnerability
03h20pm Break (15 mins)
03h35pm Path to Chrome
Each speaker will share where they were before Chrome, what they've worked on in Chrome, and why they love Chrome.
04h30pm Closing Remarks (5 mins)