This is an early exploration of rendering ASCII diagrams into SVGs, similar to:

I need this mostly for engineering diagrams, so there is a focus on that.

Here it goes.

The most basic type is the pipe:

If you put two together, they connect with one another:

There are also vertical pipes:

You can connect vertical pipes with horizontal pipes with a +:

There are also rounded corners:

Another primitive type is the circle:

And the square:

They also connect with the other primitives:

You can put them together to create more complicated diagrams:

You can also use text, for example:

There are also diagonal pipes:

Which you can use to create diagonal shapes:

+-  .-   /  *   #   ^
| | | | | |

This is an exploration of using SVG to render ASCII diagrams.

Here are a few examples:

And here are more examples from the svgbob test cases:

Pretty neat, heh?

Examples from: